I have learned the meaning of relief through two words…High FIBER. What a difference it makes by adding more fiber enriching foods such as oatmeal, brown rice and grains to dietary needs. There was a time when I use to cringe over eating a bowl of mushy oats. Not any more, these days the topic of eating oatmeal & the variety of toppings such as walnuts, cinnamon or nuts and berries is chit chat worthy…I mean something to compare notes over.  By the way how do you like your oatmeal?
Information plays a key role in understanding the importance of a high fiber diet for heart healthy benefits and constipation relief.  Especially, when you want to feel instant gratification, there’s nothing like having a good poop!
So, I’m taking the time out to get the 4-1-1- on high fiber and constipation from Karen Langston, a Holistic Nutritionist.  Check out what Karen (starring as…the Rudetritionist) has to say on her show, “The Wellness Beat.”

3 thoughts on “FIBER MOVES

  1. I too have learned to like oatmeal. I like raisins, brown sugar and cream (or canned milk) in it. It has also helped me maintain my weight. Sometimes I eat it in place of a high calorie dessert! What I really love to eat is CHOCOLATE and MORE CHOCOLATE and more CHOCOLATE….

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