Male Menopause

A recent upsurge in the media regarding ‘male menopause’ has led to more attention and vocalization of this issue.  Many experts think that it is premature to actually refer to low levels of testosterone, often labeled as low-T and andropause, as ‘male menopause.’  This condition produces a potentially treatable set of symptoms and doctors confirm that levels do decline as a man ages.

While the medical community debate whether or not men go through a definite stage of menopause, they agree that men receiving hormone therapy with testosterone have reported relief of some of their symptoms.   However, it is established that there is a distinct difference in menopause between men and women.  Wherein female hormone production can stop completely, the male testes, unlike the ovaries, do not run out of the substance it needs to make testosterone.  A man is capable of making sperm well past the age of eighty or longer.  However, symptoms such as mood swings, fatigue, etc. may be experienced by both sexes.  Let’s talk about that……

10 thoughts on “Male Menopause

  1. My husband definetly has hot flashes and mood swings. Why is it so hard for men to admit it? They need to be reminded that they too have HORMONES!

  2. I loved you on the “Mother Love” show. You kept my husband laughing. Your blog is really funny. I believe they said you were a comedian…. if so… you are a good one. Keep up the great work! It’s hard to get good, clean, humor. Let us know if you are ever in Atlanta.GA. You already have some fans. Thanks.

  3. My wife had me read your blog. I lol all the way thru but you did hit the nail on the head. Let us know where you appear in LA. We generally don’t go out for comedy sets because of the language, but you keep it clean and funny. We would love to see you in person. Jim from LA

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