Global Warming Delays An Upcoming Ice Age

There are hundreds of millions of women worldwide going through menopause. My observational analysis and subjective data led me to the conclusion of one main cause for Global Warming, which is the Menopause Effect.  Solved!

The ‘said’ Menopause Effect generates internal heat within the physical structure of a living organism. The increased temperature change is converted into Hot Flashes, which when multiplied exponentially becomes the precursor for Menopause Gas.

Gradually, the Menopause Gas is released into the environment and then becomes trapped within the atmosphere of the earth caused by Menopause Change.  The imbalance by the internal and external heat invasion prevents ice sheets to accumulate, which nullifies the chance for an ice age for thousands of years.

Nevertheless, scientists must continue to address the reduction of gas emissions.  Meanwhile, I’ll purchase stock in Febreze.  We can make a difference!!!

Killing the Pain, Not the Carrier

The liver is an indispensable organ needed to sustain the human body.  We depend on this large organ for various bodily functions, including “detoxification.”  There’s no option in living without a liver.  Yet, the liver is under constant attack.  Foremost, in such abuse are painkillers…drugs to kill pain…literally.

Drug tragedies are constantly being reported in the news. Or we may have been personally touched by some of the negative effects for finding a pharmaceutical solution for pain relief.  It will never be a greater time than “Now,” to reclaim our health by making choices we can live with. In other words, “Killing the Pain, Not the Carrier.”  By choosing to get relief from certain types of pain without jeopardizing our health and well-being must be the safest priority.  

Imagine, certain pain reduction without drugs.

Visualize rapid relief of painful joints, muscles, and tissues.

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