ObamaCare & Menopause Care Act- (MenopaCare)

In addition to ObamaCare, the Menopause Care Act is now in effect. The historic menopause care plan launches worldwide. Under MenopaCare, women over 35 years old are given the option to sign up for free.

The goal of the menopause care plan is to inspire women to celebrate and endure one of the most critical transitions in life. Understanding the highs and lows can lead to wellness and a release from the involuntary psychiatric hold.

There are many benefits and protections under MenopaCare, including:
• An interactive web-based platform provided for women facing pre-menopause (perimenopause), menopause, and post- menopause.
• Non-Pharmaceutical HRT Replacement Available- New HRT (Humor Replacement Therapy).
• Exercise plan- the “Hot Flash Swag” dance~ Click Here To Download Song
• Global warming tips for reduction of menopause gas.

The impact of the MenopaCare (the Menopause Care Act for women) on family, friends, and co-workers will solidified the demand to never DEFUND. MenopaCare is humane…Open Subscribing begins now at www.menopausalmania.com Sign Up Today!


There are hundreds of millions of women worldwide going through menopause. My observational analysis and subjective data leads me to the conclusion of one main cause to Global Warming, which is the Menopause Effect.

The Menopause Effect generates internal heat within the physical structure of a living organism. The increased temperature change is converted into Hot Flashes, which when multiplied on exponential terms may lead to Menopause Gas.

Gradually, the Menopause Gas is released into the environment and then becomes trapped within the atmosphere of the earth caused by Menopause Change. And I don’t have to be a rocket scientist to come up with that theory.

We are facing a world-wide crisis of internal and external heat invasion. If we do not do more to address the correlation between Global Warming and the Menopause Effect, we will have to face the direct impact of global threats to our sanity, comfort, and climate change. Ignoring the Menopause Effect…will not make it go away.

Therefore, let’s each do our part and make the switch to high-efficiency ice-maker refrigerators, and non-electric fans.  We can make a difference!!!