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Menopause A-Z

During my years working at Merck Sharpe and Dohme Pharmaceuticals, in the field of Microbial Pharmacology, I realized the value of knowing how medicine is formulated vs. homeopathic treatments.  We sometimes take the opportunity to choose between the two for the variety of health issues we face on a daily basis.  The fact that we have a choice as to the type of products available should be based on research that is extensively available via the Internet and libraries.  I believe that women should not be passive in accepting medical and/or homeopathic remedies without taking advantage of the vast amount of information available to them in learning about their bodies and the symptoms leading to menopause.  Working in a research laboratory motivated me to always seek answers and compare what works for me vs. what works for others.  I inspire to encourage all women to take that stand and to be practical about the solutions that are accessible to them.

It is so easy to take advice from friends and family, however, what is successful for some may not be beneficial for you.  It is a process of experimentation, assessment and trial.  There is an answer out there just for you, and I hope you find it based on your body and what you are personally experiencing.  Talk with your Doctor and talk with people who seem to be managing this phase of life successfully.  Read, Listen and Learn.  This is not the end of the road, but the beginning of a new adventure that can be travelled with ease, dignity and even hilarity.  Yes… you will at times have to laugh at your own self as you engage in what may be outrageous behavior.  But through it all ENJOY!




The “M” Word

Initially, it was unbelievable…”at the age of 45, I’m what?” Again, Dr. Nuts-Zoid took that as a cue to label me with the “M” word, while in one sentence concluded that I’m at that end stage of life, which when translated meant~ I’m quickly getting old. After gathering my composure, I responded in the words of Mr. Donald Trump…”You’re Fired.”

2 years later, I felt that the menopausal stage of life should become a platform…a reciprocating festive platform for inspiration and empowering reminders of how Dynamic and Beautiful it is to be Menopausal as you learn how to live with the 20+ symptoms.

I became devoted to pursue the course of well-being throughout my navigation of the highs and the lows. I must admit, this can be a critical transitional period in how one personally feels in ways of energy, wellness, comfort, and mental sharpness. At the end of the day, it may not always be pretty at this stage. However, with time pre-menopause, menopause, post-menopause can become beautiful. The magnificence comes from the awareness and acknowledgement of self-care and listening closely to one’s body to ensure the soundness of mind, heart & soul. Through such growth, I’m a piece of work-in-progress.

All the Best~ LaShawn