Getting Un-Stuck (Part 2)

Well, my energetic vision of “making it a crazy fun weekend,” fell short…way short. My mind was in the right place, but my power-supply is weighing on empty. In other words, “getting un-stuck requires a jump-start.” And my offspring are my closest critics. I will admit being labeled boring and uptight makes me want to do a rebuttal on the “Times Square Big Screen.” I really want to make it perfectly clear that there’s a difference from being tired in contrast to being BORING.
In fact, I’ll be the first to admit some reviving and enlivening is needed…which is the jumpstart.

So that’s my first step to getting Un-Stuck. And I think the jumpstart will start with my fuel, which is what I’m putting in my body. There’s an abundance of information available now on nutritional deficiencies and values. The information is obtainable…like never before. So, I will make it my business to learn a better way of eating. I know the use of supplements may help, too. However, my food choices may alleviate some of my sluggishness and reboost “My Swag.”

Hey, please feel free to send some comments or additional suggestions on the “Jumpstart for Getting Un-Stuck.”