Getting Un-Stuck

I’m not ranting…maybe just confessing…I’ve been stuck in such a funk. My desire to write, create, share, laugh, and grow had left the building. The blows and woes of formidable challenges and menopausal blues overtook me for a moment or two….

Inspite of, I’m pushing forward as I seek to daily look to Almighty God, Jehovah as my stronghold. So much is going on at one given time and much of it can be distressing, especially if coupled with health or economical problems. Yet, giving up truly is not an option for me. So as tired as I’ve been lately, I’m praying to endure. And as I write, it does help…and sharing with others in encouragement is very good for the soul.

I will definitely make it my goal to open this platform up and keep it rolling through the highs and the lows. I’m actively committed starting right now…to keep it moving through encouragement, celebration, transformation & inspiration. Let’s Do This!

Right now I’m going to seize some special moments to spend time with my grandkids and youngest daughter. I’ll be on a mission to have a crazy good time. I need a moment to feel like a kid again.

Make it a great weekend!!!