My goals will alter from week to week.  I find that long-term goals don’t work for me.  Therefore, I  will plan one goal per week and add an additional one  the following week.  An example, I know how therapeutic it is to walk.  It is great for our physical, mental and spiritual well being.  My first week which starts today, January 21st, will be to walk a minimum of ½ hr per day, even if it is just around the kitchen counter with music playing.  Doing this for 7 days will give me the time I need to adjust it into a daily routine.

Week 2, I plan to add dancing for ½ hr.  Since I love dancing, this is no hardship and a great way to exercise.  I will add that to what is now my walking routine, however, not at the same time – maybe one in the a.m. and one p.m.

I now weigh 170 lbs at 5’7.  I will check back in 3 weeks with my weight results because I plan to stick to the healthier diet  I started 2 weeks ago.