I Went Back 2 Basics

During my years working at a Pharmaceutical Research Facility in West Point, PA, I learned a lot of fascinating things pertaining to the subject of Menopause! I clearly remember as a teenager in the 60’s, my aunt underwent a hysterectomy (a fact not revealed until 10 years later). You could always tell when my mother and her sisters discussed the matter because they would instantly clam up if anyone entered the room. Not understanding anything other than the fact that my aunt was hospitalized, I was immediately told to ‘not ask questions’ when I tried to find out what was wrong with her. The subject was Taboo and never to be discussed in public and horror of all horrors, in the presence of a male.

More than 20 years ago, I also had a hysterectomy and constantly suffer from ‘hot flashes.’ The term is certainly appropriate because the heat is so intense I usually break out in an embarrassing sweat. I felt as though I needed to soak in a tub of ice – and that’s putting it mildly – or take 2 or 3 showers a day, always worried, of course, about offensive body odor.

Surprisingly, a light went on. Looking back down memory lane, I remembered my grandmother and aunts always bathed with soap and then used a wash cloth rinse to rub Baking Soda all over their torso. My mother was even emphatic about my four brothers and myself following the same routine during the heat of summer so that we would smell fresh all day. And so the ritual continues. I now use Baking Soda when showering and in spite of the dreaded ‘hot flashes,’ I really feel fresh and clean.

My only problem with Baking Soda is the soaking the cardboard package gets when using it near water. I also use it throughout the day as a breath freshener after brushing my teeth or as a quick gargle since I am not fond of the aftertaste of mouthwash or toothpaste. Walla! Another light went on. I now use it in various sized multicolored plastic containers that fit with my kitchen and bathroom décor.

I was curious to see if using Arm & Hammer after showering would benefit my many friends undergoing menopause; so I gift wrapped the powder in colorful ‘dollar store containers’ labeled DiverSity by Farrellinea (loving the advantage of being the only person in the world with that name – made up by my father – Farrell). To make a long story short, I now get many requests and no one seems to care or realize that it’s just plain Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. In fact, they are now using it in ways they had not used it before. I laugh when we go out as a group for a spicy meal and afterwards, everyone goes to the restroom to rinse with my secret formula – lol. Yeah, I know that they know, they just don’t know that I know that they know… I believe my friends just enjoy receiving the cute little vials that I give to them.

Due to varied reports in the media, many people have become skeptical about using talcum powder due to adverse publicity. And we understand the urgency of using natural products when bathing or cleaning and disinfecting our homes to protect the environment. As an overall solution, this product is priceless – and it is also priced less!!!

So if you’re ‘pausing’ as my Georgia friends call it, give it a try. If you have an idea or solution that works for you, share it with us!

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