Idiot Radar

During my first pregnancy over 28 years ago, I experienced the most profound sensory awakening during hormonal changes…the sense of smell.  My newly invigorated nasal sensors were on duty 24/7 detecting the slightest scent or odor.  Thankfully, my hypersensitivity to smells faded away after giving birth.

Many years later and with the hormonal changes from menopause, I am now experiencing a new hypersensitive enlightenment.  Now I have internal radar for detecting Idiots.  Until menopause, I never knew of the existing pandemic or the contagion of ridiculousness.  My sensitivity is not mood-driven…it’s an allergic reaction to the air quality.  It’s raining Idiots everywhere!

However, my remedy of choice for treating the radar and sensitivity is based upon the principles of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Mildness, and Self-Control. And most importantly, the internal finger-pointing to someone else, only emphasizes the three fingers pointing directly back at me. Therefore, Menopause is not excuse for me to validate my radar discoveries. If idiocy exists around me, I must do my part to navigate in Love.

How is everyone else navigating?