Menopause A-Z

Menopause kept me up practically all night and, finally after 3 hours of sleep, woke me up this morning.  I know, of course, it is entirely my fault because I failed to do all of the things necessary to prevent the symptoms I experienced.  First of all, I only drank 1/2 glass of water the entire day, I failed to take the one vitamin that works for me (Evening Primrose), I had very little fiber and lots of sweets and coffee.  I committed menopausal suicide.

Some days it is difficult to do all of the right things.  Not that the ‘right things’ are hard to do.  So it must be an inner rebellion.  An insistence that I can have it MY WAY.  However, my way, is just not the right way.  So today, I limited my coffee to one cup, my sweets to oatmeal with brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins and a large glass of water.  I filled a pitcher with water and my determination is to empty it before 6pm and not wait until 8 or 9 pm so that I am up all night.  My love of hot peppers (any kind) and spicy foods must also be tempered.

So the bottom line is, we can have and do much of what we like, we just need to use balance so that we can sleep well, live well and love well, beginning with ourselves… after all… God loves us, why shouldn’t we?