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It was a great day, I’m in recovery from the chronic state of, “I have fallen and no energy to get up,” until I recently opened my mail- “AARP Life Insurance Proposal Enclosed.”

That’s it! I have concluded that I’m being stalked by “AARP.” I’m not even 50 years old yet. I still exist in my fantasy world of being 29 years old plus. Yet, how my body feels and my annoying post-menopausal hormone levels tell a different story. In addition, the AARP is always conspicuously around to remind me.

In spite of, my age being an unlisted number, there must be an international intelligence unit affiliated with the ‘AARP.’ The United States-based non-governmental organization knows my birth date, contact information and wants to reach out to me for becoming a member. If I choose to accept this mission and become a member, I must inform ALL that I barely know myself now…I’m moody, out-of-shape, losing my mind lately (including my cell phone and car keys all the time), my hot flashes are a ridiculous nuisance, my flatulence offends air quality, and I’m trying hard to rid the inaudible word ‘IDIOT’ out of my internal vocabulary. Now, are you sure you want me as an AARP member?

After deliberating in deep thought, I will fill out and submit the membership application and get my AARP card. Nonetheless, I come with a disclaimer; I accept the mission of acknowledging my actual age of 50 years old in the next few months by signing up with AARP. However, I must renew my pace to an exceptional transformation. Lately, my menopausal mania is having more rough days than fun times. However, I have resolved to stay on a diet of self-care, along with the pursuit of a positive attitude, and showing loving-kindness to others. I’m a work in-progress. And yes….in my life, it’s proven that being Menopausal is beyond a laughing matter…the symptoms, conditions, tolerance, feelings, and emotions are the real deal. Nonetheless, the first step for me is nurturing my well-being at this stage of my life and if AARP offers advocacy, and discounts for age-developing people like myself, then I’ll say “Thank You,” and I will forget about initiating a restraining order against your reminders of my upcoming qualifying unlisted age for membership.

It’s all great! Matter of fact, I can’t wait to break out with my ‘AARP Membership Card’ for a discount on a new purchase, service, or a cup of coffee. It gets even better, since I don’t have to ask my mother anymore to use her AARP membership card for discounts when we’re together, because I’ll be getting my own! No worries, when I get my card, I’ll bling it out and work it as being the new senior on the block. Wow, I can’t believe I just said that…It’s a journey of the mind to accept being “half a century.”  Thanks AARP for helping many (myself included) to Embrace & Enjoy!!!