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First Lady, Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move!’ and the ‘Hot Flash Swag’ Campaign

A request was made to First Lady Michelle Obama, for her support of a new initiative, to promote wellness and fitness to a hugely overlooked segment of women. Millions of women are plagued with numerous unwanted symptoms associated with the menopause transition years.

We know that menopause is not a disease, but a natural transition in life. However, the effects can be devastating to wellness, without the proper attention to unwanted symptoms, decreased activity, and self-care. As a menopausal woman, I am embracing self-care and movement (activity) to fight against the menopausal blues and other unwanted symptoms. Nevertheless, I am one woman out of millions experiencing the challenges and stress associated with this dramatic life change. Thus, all are invited to support our initiative to inspire women worldwide to embrace the menopause transition with self-care, dignity, well-being, and movement. We must defy the myths of menopause being the end of a woman’s vitality and lifespan.

In addition, we are in full support of the ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign and the goals behind the program. We would very much like to see middle age women and beyond embracing the motivating factors behind the ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign. ‘Let’s Move!’ is the fuel and the wake-up call for menopausal women to set the example for our young ones! If we can promote a healthy lifestyle and keep active, then surely the young ones would not want to lag behind.

We have entitled our campaign, ‘Hot Flash Swag!’ It’s a new day!

The topic of menopause is no longer a prohibited discussion. We have created (Bloggers, Farrellinea & LaShawn and musician, NRVIBE) a new song and line dance, which inspires women everywhere to get up and move! In addition, we are committed to keeping in mind the exemplary role we must set for our youth.

We invite you to hear our song and learn the dance. While, our youth are being encouraged to keep moving, please don’t forget about the women embracing the change with dignity, wellness, and movement, too.
Click Here: Song & Dance- 'Hot Flash Swag!' It's A New Day! (Campaign) Click Here~Senior Divas & The Bossman Dancing!