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Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine!

When you are undergoing stress due to menopausal episodes such as putting can food goods in the refrigerator and milk in the pantry, learn to laugh at yourself – the best stress relief of all. After all, at what point in our life were we ever perfect?

Frequently laughing makes you feel so much better because our bodies undergo a positive hormonal response. My husband says that I spend 80% of my time looking for something, keys, books, oh and don’t forget the cell phone. I use my house phone to call my cell phone so that I can locate it. Believe it or not, it is the only reason that I have a house phone! Does it bother me? Not as long as I can still locate where I live, who I’m married to and remember the name of my only child.

Both my son and stepson turned 50 in December, so when people ask if I have any children, I simply say no, I have senior citizens. So what do I care about all of the above? My self esteem does not suffer. I am doing great, looking great since I am often mistaken for my son’s sister or wife (he is the one that apparently looks old – but we won’t tell him that) and I feel absolutely wonderful.

So my message to all of my menopausal sisters is this: If you are forgetful, then that means that you still have a brain that use to remember. If you misplace something that means that you have something to misplace, and if you have to use a phone to find a phone that means that you have two phones.

We have all heard the advice that we should get rid of negative things and people who sucks the joy out of our lives. However, if I rid all of the negatives from my life, the only thing that would be left is the air that I breathe. Therefore, my mission is to instill in everyone I meet the wonderful joy of laughter!!!