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Climate Changes-Global Warming 2020

Globally, millions of women are going through menopause.  In consideration of observational analysis and subjective data, the conclusion concisely points to one of many main causes pertaining to Global Warming…the effect of Menopause.

The ‘said’ Effect of Menopause generates internal heat within the physical structure of a living organism.  The increased temperature change is converted into Hot Flashes, which when multiplied exponentially becomes the precursor for Menopause Gas.

Gradually, the Menopause Gas is released into the environment and then becomes trapped within the atmosphere of the earth caused by Menopause Change.  The imbalance by the internal and external heat invasion prevents ice sheets to accumulate, which nullifies the chance for an ice age.

Nevertheless, scientists must continue to address the reduction of gas emissions. Meanwhile, the time is right to evaluate share prices for Febreze.

“Nobody Knew Menopause Care Could Be So Complicated”

Under the Menopause Care Act anyone experiencing peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause may request a free membership.  Without additional support, “Nobody knew Menopause Care could be so complicated.”

The chief objective of the Menopause Care Act extends entitlement to the best possible care management of the most critical transition experience by women, the ending of menses and the balancing of essential hormones.  Understanding the highs and lows of menopause can lead to wellness and the liberation from an involuntary psychiatric hold.

There are many benefits and protections under the Menopause Care Act including:
• An interactive web-based platform provided for women facing pre-menopause (perimenopause), menopause, and post- menopause.
• Non-Pharmaceutical HRT Replacement Available- “HRT” (Humor Replacement Therapy).
• Exercise plan- the “Hot Flash Swag” dance~ Click Here To Download Song
• Global warming tips for reduction of menopause gas.

The impact of the Menopause Care Act on family, friends, and co-workers will solidify exemption from REPEAL.  Menopause Care Act…Open Enrollment: www.menopausalmania.com Sign Up Today!