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There are over 600,000 physicians in the U.S. alone and in the millions worldwide.   And yet the demand is increasing for finding the right doctor for care during menopause.  Entrusting one’s health to just any doctor for menopause care has brought awareness to a new form of malpractice, which designates the fitting term…MALEPRACTICE.

I hear the stories all the time, and I’m one of the stories.  Such as, confessing to Dr. Nuts-Droid that your world has fallen apart between sobs and the lack of energy to perform the minutest of tasks as you wander aimlessly and painfully in circles looking for your cell phone that you’re talking on.  And of course, Dr. Nuts-Droid, with prescription pad in hand and without the slightest clue overlooks the basic medical need of ordering a test to check your hormonal levels.   Instead he feverishly writes you a prescription for any drug that pops in his mind just to get you off the phone.

Well, it surely seems that way…WHAT ARE MY LEVELS, Dr. Nuts-Droid?  Do I have a drop of progesterone left?  Have I’ve been sapped of all my estrogen?   Dr. Nuts-Droid, do you even know the symptoms of hormonal deficiencies???  Oh really, now you want me to wait while you Google search for Menopause symptoms!!!

MALEPRACTICE is on the rise, but can be averted through education of menopause management and wellness.  Let’s be honest, how many educational hours are spent on menopause management and hormonal deficiencies of women patients during medical school?  Is it 2 hours, 8, or maybe a pop quiz?   The answer bears witness to how women are being cared for and assisted during this momentous change of life.

Please share some of your MALEPRACTICE stories in the comments below~