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Dance To Fitness

Hi, it’s me again, the person with the MS in Gerontology.  This week, I wanted to share with you something positive, and exciting.  I was approached by a group of Millennial Babies who wanted to add their swag to this new dance, “Hot Flash Swag” – in a challenging way if you get my drift.  “Wonderful I said, let’s make it happen!”

Originally, the dance was choreographed to compliment the new song “Hot Flash Swag,” by Nrvibe.  I saw it as a wonderful vehicle for Baby Boomers (BB’s), or anyone for that matter, to dance their way to fitness.  Dance has always been my exercise.  I don’t do well with membership gyms or weights, instead I chose dance as a way to stay fit.  Dance has literally kept me closer to a healthy weight.  Sure, I’ve had knee problems in the past, as do many Baby Boomers today, but if you know what the problem is fix it, and get on with your life!  I fixed my meniscus tear, and I’m fine.  Because dance is my fitness, I would never let knee problems define or defeat me.  I could never see myself as not dancing due to an injury.  I love music and dance way too much!

Now, maybe you’ve seen the Hot Flash Swag video, or maybe not!  If so, and you would like to try this new dance, I’ll be glad to break it down further.  If you know that you have knee problems, please use discretion, because only you know your body.  This dance could be modified.  Now, I’m not endorsing dance over any exercise program.  Whatever your fitness regime may be i.e.: a walking path, a personal trainer, a weight training program, exercise equipment, Yoga, Pilates, or a Dance Class – KEEP IT GOING!  I say, however you get your fitness on – is fine.  And let me just say this, we all set personal fitness goals for ourselves each year.  I just hope that it’s not that once a year “New Year’s Resolution” goal.  Why not set your fitness goal NOW.  If not now, then when?  Also folks, when setting your fitness goal, or goals, let’s be realistic and mindful of reality.  *An example of an unrealistic goal would be, “I’m training to be a Body Builder, A Gymnast, or A Professional Dancer.”   This is possible folks, but who really does this?  A more realistic approach to setting your fitness goals would be to stay healthy, and fit for life.  After all, it’s your body, and your life!  So, do me a favor and download the song “Hot Flash Swag.”   Grab a couple of friends, and have fun doing the dance.  Come on, what are you waiting for?  Let’s see you dance for fun, and fitness!  Let’s see your swag!!

**Disclosure:  Always remember to warm up your muscles before beginning any exercise, or dance program.  Warm-ups will essentially help wake up the muscles, and get your blood supply moving, as well as reduce injuries.

M’Liss, MS Gerontology