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Honoring My Vow~ ” I DO “

The time is NOW for validating my feelings and dismissing my regrets.  I’m affirming to honor my vow~ ” I Do… seek to absolutely and lovingly take care of me for better or worse.”

Most of us are familiar with inflight instructions for airplane passengers: “ If you need to assist another passenger, you must secure the oxygen mask on yourself first, before you can assist someone else.”  Well, this is synonymous with self-care.  Which is a BIG difference from being self-centered or self-absorbed.  It took MENOPAUSE to give me an additional jolt to reflect on the need to love myself, because no other human being will, especially now!!!  (Wow, what I meant to say Yesterday, after one of my AHA Menopausal Blues Moments) …there are times that another person won’t get it, as in “How I’m Really Feeling?”

The answer to the above question lies within, and that is the first crucial step to self-care, which is taking care of me…What do I need in order to feel better?  Even when I’m at my worse.

Love Never Fails…and it also does apply to loving one-self.  “I, LaShawn, do solemnly promise to do all it takes to Care For and Love Me.”   I shared my “I Do,” please feel free to comment and share yours.